A simple reflection on the senselessness of tragedy

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The tangible feeling of surreal occurs when your understanding of reality is confronted by strong proof that the world is not what it seems. It leaves you questioning what you know and belief. It leaves you wondering where to turn for truth.

It frightfully considers if truth is a myth.

The feeling of surreal doesn’t drift away as you go back to “normal” activity. You might get distracted from your confusion for a few moments — caught up in a conversation, or a sitcom, or meeting a deadline at work. …

How I get out of my own head when my mind is stuck

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Sometimes when I watch too much of the news or have worked long hours too many days in a row, I find myself having potato chips and wine for dinner and falling into a confused state of blah. Here are six ways I get my brain and body back on track. I usually can force myself to pick at least one thing from the list, and it typically does the trick.

  1. Be creative: negative feelings can be a catalyst for art. Write a poem, draw or paint…

How did we find ourselves at the center of such public scorn?

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We are presently four and a half months removed from when schools shut down last spring…approximately one month before we are slated to open again for the new school year (in CT). There is, seemingly, a sense of panic that is building amongst colleagues and peers. I hear many voices noting different versions of the same refrain: how can we possibly open up schools? Yesterday, in my state, teachers once again formed parades of cars. This time, it’s not to show appreciation for their students, but to protest returning to them. …

Jane Natoli

Educator, self care, and side hustles in 2021 instagram.com/janelouise2887

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